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Tired of waiting for Uber or Lyft? Want to make more money? 

Offered through Fast Track, an official Curb Partner

Curb App that will give you access to tens of thousands of MTA Access-A-Ride trips each month. The MTA requires training in understanding the proper way to interact with passengers with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a pre-enrollment drug test, and participation in random drug testing.

Our rental fleet is similarly limited to automobiles manufactured within the last six years. This ensures the most up-to-date mechanical changes, cutting-edge functionality, and improved safety measures.

Non-Emergency MTA Access-A-Ride Transportation
For to take passengers to doctor’s appointments, work, social outings, shopping and more!

Flexible Source of Additional Income
For those non-peak drive times

Earn High Average Trip Reimbursement
Earn High  to receive twice a week payment by direct deposit from trips. Plus…$2.75 in cash directly from the passenger during trips.

No Commitments
Simply pass a drug screening test and the free ADA Certification course conveniently offered through Fast Track.


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